The key to an efficient Landfill Gas/Leachate collection system is consistent maintenance. Once our team has a clear understanding of our client’s current systems and its efficiency levels, we can design a maintenance schedule that will meet our client’s needs at a cost-effective price. It is always more cost-effective to care properly for a Landfill Gas/Leachate collection system, than to require costly repairs or replacements. To ensure our clients systems are running properly, we offer repairs to the components of all system, condensate/ leachate pumps, expansions, modifications to your existing LFG and condensate/ leachate collection systems. Still, there can be situations that are unexpected. For this, we offer emergency response services for all system failures.

  • Repairs to system components
  • Condensate and Leachate pump maintenance
  • Emergency response services for collection and control system failures
  • LFG Flare maintenance, repairs, and refabrications
  • Leachate Tank maintenance, repairs, and refabrications

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