The collection, containment and disposal of leachate in the solid waste industry is a major cost and concern of most facility owners.  Blue Flame Crew provides a comprehensive package of services to our clients to minimize cost and risk.  We have installed many different types of containment, collection and treatment systems.  Whether it is a new installation, repair, or an emergency service call; Blue Flame Crew can provide a turnkey service to get your system operational.   Our Millwrights perform all the necessary troubleshooting, plumbing, and electrical to keep your leachate moving in the right direction.

  • Installation and repair of electric pumps
  • Installation and repair of control panels
  • Installation and repair of pneumatic pumps
  • Monthly and quarterly maintenance of pumping systems
  • Storage systems, underground and above ground tanks (UST and AST)
  • Load out systems
  • Containment systems

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